A Trading and Investing App to Learn About Stocks and Crypto

Case Study
How might we provide a fun and engaging app to learn how to trade and invest?
  • The sports industry is huge with many people fascinated and entertained by it. Rooting for sports teams and athletes provides a sense of belonging for fans. It offers an escape from the daily grind of work and life. People enjoy watching masters at their craft perform skills that the majority of us probably could not do.
  • There are people who only follow individual athletes of sports teams and are interested in their stats and information. This is relevant for casual sports fans and fantasy sports users.
UI Design, UX Design
Several Weeks
Original Screen Designs
During kick-off, the PM and team provided me with the assets a previous designer created. They wanted me to improve the existing screens and also utilize as much of the existing designs as possible.
After meeting with the team, we decided and agreed upon the initial screens I was tasked to design.
UI Design Kit and Style Guide
Landing Page - Lo-fidelity
I was also tasked with designing the main pages for the app's website.
Landing Page - Hi-fidelity
The app had an early launch and was still under development. You can check out the beta release on Google's Playstore here:
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