What solutions do people want when shopping for insurance, and how can we highlight and provide that?
*This was a concept project for school*
UX Research, UX Design, UI Design,
Branding, Prototyping, Testing
4 Weeks
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Research Methodologies
Secondary Research
I performed analysis on other popular insurance companies finding what their strengths and weaknesses are. Completing this market analysis would assist my efforts on the website I would create for Kloak Insurance.
After completing the secondary research, I decided on performing 1-on-1 interviews because this would provide me with in-depth feedback and qualitative data directly from potential users of the website. I sought out participants in the target demographic and was able to gather 5 participants that agreed to be interviewed. I had about 20 questions that involved their process in looking for insurance, and their likes/dislikes of their current insurance’s website or app.


Our Insurance Buyer Personified
After completing the interviews, I created a persona and accompanying empathy map based on the data I got from the interviewees. Doing so would allow me to stay focused on the target user for the website and not design based on assumptions or biases.
Empathy Map
Cardsort Analysis
I created a cardsort activity in which 6 people in the target demographic participated. This cardsort helped me determine which topics should be grouped together and where to better place elements.
With the cardsort analysis and data, I was able to create a sitemap with the main elements.
I decided on the main task flow of getting an insurance quote because price and obtaining a quote were very important factors emphasized during the research phase. I focused in on auto insurance as all of the interviewees had auto insurance.


Wireframe Sketches
After deciding on a taskflow process, I created sketches of the wireframes focusing on the home page and auto insurance quote process.
Lo-fidelity Wireframes
After sketching the wireframe ideas, I digitized some lo-fi wireframes within Figma. This provided me with a better sense of how the layout would look and the spacing in between the elements.
Moodboard and Brand Ideas
I searched online to get inspiration and ideas for Kloak Insurance’s website and identity. I used keywords for the brand and looked for blues and greens because of the feelings those colors evoke.
Logo Creation
Taking the Kloak name into account, I began to iterate some ideas for the company logo. The main idea is that the company is “cloaking” you, protecting you from harm.
Style Tile
I decided on a blue and green palette to evoke the feelings of calmness, reliability, and harmony. I also created an icon set for the insurance products, and chose a the typography.
Hi-fidelity Wireframes
After deciding on the style tile, I was able to implement the colors and proper typography to create hi-fidelity wireframes. This really gave the design a warm and trustworthy feel which is what the majority of interviewees had mentioned in the interviews.



Usability Test
With the hi-fidelity prototype created, I wanted to do a usability test to pinpoint the positives and challenges of the website. Using, I was able to gather insight on my prototype.
Maze and 2 remote testers via Zoom screen sharing
Home screen, accessing the auto insurance product page, and going through the quote process
Maze Usability Score, average success rate, heatmap, mouse click accuracy
Users Tested
Usability Score
Task Success
Mouse Click
Maze's Usability Score is an exact number from 0 to 100 and reflects how easy it is for a user to perform a given task with the prototype. The higher the usability score indicates the design will be easy to use and intuitive.  The usability test received a high usability score of 87 and very high 97% task success rate.
Finding Improvements and Solutions
Based on the data, I created an affinity map showing the positives, challenges, and considerations to assist me when iterating the prototype. As you can see from the boards, most of the challenges came during some part of the quoting process.
Potential Next Steps
Conclusion & Reflection
As this was my first full design project from start to finish, I learned a lot! It was interesting diving into the
research, learning about the insurance industry and what the main providers bring to the market. I was able
to get a good sense of what buyers of insurance look for and what they want. Providing a trustworthy brand
and having an easy to navigate site were the key factors for most users. I tried to implement those factors
into this project and I think I succeeded.

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