About Me
Thanks for checking my page!  I spent several years working at a telecommunications company which provided me with professional habits and technical expertise. I worked with management often to ensure certain standards were met and that we were all on the same page. My constant communication with customers also provided a high level of empathy towards users. I learned a lot and grew tremendously as a person there, but I was missing the creative aspect. I went back to school to learn more about an art form that has always excited me - music.

Writing and producing music is a lot like design. There’s definitely creativity involved, but patterns, balance, and consistency are highly important in music as well. Balancing these elements and constantly iterating are highly important in music producing just like it is with design.

I have a love of learning and continue to invest in myself with more skills. I researched potential fields I could flourish in and found out about UX design. I decided to shift my focus towards UX and product design to help businesses succeed in this area. I look forward to collaborating and working with you to create great user experiences!

Fun facts and interests:
Independently released an album of songs that I wrote, produced, and mixed. Click the image below to hear it:
Biking and spending time with the family.
Love to go snorkeling to see the underwater world.
Exploring the natural wonders such as Yosemite and our dog loves to join.
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